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We are offering biopharmaceutical companies fast and effective ways to drug development.

Areas of Expertise

We offer a broad range of specialized services to assist pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies to bring new drugs and devices to market

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Who we are

Our Experts  and Project Managers have participated in an extensive variety of medical product clinical investigations over a range of medical specialties and therapeutic areas. Team members understand product development, testing, clinical study and approval processes.

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Our Portfolio

CRS is a full service CRO. CRS can manage both single and multi center phase I-IV trials in a wide range of therapeutic areas. Our regulatory affairs professionals have deep knowledge of national legislation on Clinical Trials and expertise in working with regulatory agencies and ethic committees.

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Where we ARE

Our Facilities

Our facilities are located in Ljubljana near centre of town (Business Centre Rudnik). To our participants we offer easy access and high quality accommodation. Our facility has 32 beds with all necessary equipment to perform quality service to pharmaceutical Industry. Our staff and collaborators are professionals with many years of experience.

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